About Dr. Lieberman

Evan Lieberman has been a professional educator for 20 years, teaching English, History and Technology. He has also served as a campus librarian and as a campus educational technologist and has experience in elementary and secondary schools.

Dr. Lieberman teaches high school English at the School of Science and Technology in San Antonio. He served in Edgewood I.S.D. as an instructional technology facilitator and a campus librarian. Before that, Dr. Lieberman taught a middle school technology applications class in S.A.I.S.D. using a moodle to manage online content. He wrote his own curriculum and created activities and lessons from scratch. He has also taught English Language Arts and History at the middle school level.

Evan brings a wide range of interests and experiences to his work in education. He has also written test questions for teacher licensure exams, played in a funk band, worked as a math tutor, and performed in an improvisational comedy troupe. He hosts an eponymous webpage at evanlieberman.com. Evan lives in San Antonio, Texas with two dogs, a cat, and a room full of musical instruments.


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership – Lamar University, 2015

Master of Arts in Counseling – University of Texas at San Antonio, 2006

Bachelor of Arts in English – University of Texas, 1996

School Librarian Certification – University of North Texas, currently enrolled

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